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Promoters - Request a Quote

It is important that you understand that all prices on this site are retail prices if you are not logged in as a promoter (Log in now...). If you would like to order more than 100 trophies, get promoter access. Once logged in, you will have an opportunity to download our pricelist and the prices you will see on this site will be the most you will have to pay as a promoter. (Your price may be even lower depending on your quantity ordered.)  You can then submit a request for a quote.

To request a quote:
  1. Login by clicking the "Promoter Login" link near the top right corner of the site. (If you don't have access, get promoter access now.) 
  2. Add your desired products, with their options, into the shopping cart.
  3. Complete the steps and pay nothing now.  Your order will be sent as a "request for a quote".  You can expect to receive your quote within 3 business days.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
NOTICE: Approximate shipping time is 3 weeks. Sizes listed are approximate: In production, molds wear out making replicas and over time sizes can change. All sales are final.
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