Bikini Sculptures
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$115.00 each
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Female Bikini Trophy Competition Award Item #181

Winning never looked so good! This gorgeous Regular size Female Bikini Trophy Competition Award is the perfect way to commemorate a victory. The sleek and stylish design is eye-catching and is sure to make anyone who sees it take notice. The trophy is also a great way to show off your impressive achievements. Whether you're displaying it in your home or office, this trophy is sure to get everyone's attention.
$115.00 each
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Large Female Viking Bodybuilding Trophy Item #82

This large female Viking statue is the perfect bodybuilding trophy for any competitive event! The fierce warrior stance and impressive muscles make this a truly unique and inspiring piece. The beautiful detailing on the sword and armor add to the overall effect, making this a truly stunning trophy. Championship competitors would proudly display this impressive trophy in their homes or gym! Each trophy is hand made upon order, with several different finishes, base options, and engraving options. Order this beautiful Viking statue for your bodybuilding championship event.
$115.00 each
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Venus Item #122

The Venus Bikini Trophy is the perfect way to celebrate your victory in any bikini competition. This beautiful trophy is made of durable poly-resin and features a woman leaning on a tree trunk draped in a toga-like garment. The Venus Bikini Trophy is named after the Roman Goddess of love, Venus, and is a universal trophy that can be used in NPC competitions. This stunning trophy will be a cherished memento of success for years to come. Made in the USA.
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made in the usa


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