Figure Sculptures
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$45.00 each
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Relief Item #179

Made of a durable poly-resin coated with several beautiful finish options. A metal like gallery bronze, gold, or silver finish, each hand-antiqued to highlight the details, or a classic marble finish.
$57.50 each
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Male and Female Bodybuilding Warrior Relief Trophy Item #234

This incredible bikini and bodybuilding trophy is perfect for honoring the amazing strength and athleticism of bodybuilders everywhere. Whether you're looking for a unique way to honor a champion bodybuilder pair or want to add an impressive piece of art to your collection, the Male and Female Bodybuilding Warrior Relief Sculpture Trophy is a must-have for your Bikini bodybuilding events. 

$60.00 each
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Self Sculpted Woman-Relief Item #236

The Self-Sculpted Woman-Relief Bikini Trophy is a powerful piece that celebrates the strength and determination of women. This sculpture depicts a woman confidently carving her own body out of stone, reminding bodybuilders that their body is a piece of art and to never stop chipping away to perfection. It's a perfect way to show your support for hard-working women in bodybuilding competitions or bikini competitions. Promoter pricing is available. The trophy is durable poly-resin and a beautiful addition to any home or office.
$29.35 each
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USA Strong - Relief Item #240

Looking for a patriotic sculpture that celebrates America's strength and resilience? Look no further than USA Strong Relief! This strong, flexing arm sculpture is perfect for any desk, shelf, or mantel. Made from durable poly-resin, it features a rock-textured base with an inscription that reads "USA Strong". A great gift for any patriot or history lover, USA Strong Relief is sure to be cherished for years to come. Order yours today!
*This is a relief-style sculpture with a flat/concaved back.*
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