About Artist

Born in Copenhagen in 1958, Niels Andersen was inspired by his father Henning’s sacrifices, who worked with the British Army in Greenland, fueling their move to America for better opportunities. His artistic potential was first spotted by Mrs. Woodard, his kindergarten teacher, leading to formal art education in his teens. Launching into sculpture to support his new family in 1989, Niels combined his passion for art with a once personal goal of bodybuilding, crafting his debut sculpture—a male bodybuilder—after an injury ended his competitive aspirations. His work was well-received, quickly becoming the go-to for bodybuilding awards.

"I cannot take credit for the talent God has given me; I could only take credit for using it."
- Niels Andersen, Sculptor

niels andersen sculptor

The Beginning of Niel's Sculpting Journey

In 1989, Niels decided to put his artistic talent to work. In need of supplemental income to start a family with his wife, Annette, he picked up some clay and created his first sculpture of a male bodybuilder. 

Niels had previous hopes of competing in bodybuilding until he hurt his back roofing.He was fascinated by the anatomy and thought he would try to sculpt the perfect physique; he was pleased with the results, and they were sold to promoters as trophies for bodybuilding competitions. 

Since then, Niels Andersen Sculptures has become the industry’s leading bodybuilding and fitness awards supplier. In 1993, he diversified into other sports figurines and created several other collections, including Religious, First Responders, and Military.


Niel's Passion for Sculpting

Niels takes great pride in his work; he loves realism and extreme details, expressed through his exquisitely detailed artwork. He has done real bronze sculptures but wanted to create a product everyone could afford and enjoy. 

Niels currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ, with his family, where he co-owns and operates his manufacturing business with Annette. 

Niels feels blessed to do something he thoroughly enjoys for a living.
He has always said, “I cannot take credit for the talent God has given me; I could only take credit for using it.”